Mostafa Ebrahimi

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This paper presents an alternative approach on humanoid soccer robots action classification in order to seize the ball control and better ball possession using machine learning and data mining classification algorithms. Categorizing proper actions regarding to positional and environmental features is a prerequisite for proper acting in robotics. In this(More)
The software and hardware available today for personal computers provides a broad range of support for personal productivity, business applications, research, programming, and other activities. If personal computers are connected in a local area network, they can form a system whose total resources are very great compared to those of each computer. With(More)
With the recent advances in personal computer technology, time-sharing of a processor is no longer a necessity; each user can have his own machine. It is valuable, however, to share resources among the individual machines. This paper discusses a system structure for interactive computing in which personal computers are connected by a local-area network for(More)
This paper presents a computer aided method for the analyses and simulation of a non-linear mathematical model of a CNC Lathe machine tool. The derived model consist of the controller, axis drive and the spindle drive of a CNC turning machine and their connection through the cutting process. The overall model uses a modular multi-model approach to prototype(More)
Data Grid deals with the movement of massive amount of data among storage elements. One of the challenges in Data Grids is how to reduce the average data access time by replicating data. In this article, a method for dynamic data replication called RBAAC (Replica Based Average Access Cost) is proposed which, removes files with least cost of average access(More)
The importance of condition monitoring for preventive and predictive maintenance has increased through the use of system modelling. This modelling is carried out using manufacturer(s) information. Data collection using data acquisition cards provides raw data to support system monitoring, especially when used through internet and network facilities, which(More)
The fast growing role of peer-to-peer networks in various distributed services and technologies as a well distributed, highly scalable and fault tolerant networking infrastructure together with large number of users inherent to these special networks has introduced P2P systems as a potential domain for data mining processes. Nevertheless, the distributed(More)
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