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Text segmentation (TS) aims at dividing long text into coherent segments which reflect the subtopic structure of the text. It is beneficial to many natural language processing tasks, such as Information Retrieval (IR) and document summarisation. Current approaches to text segmentation are similar in that they all use word-frequency metrics to measure the(More)
One of the main services that Adaptive Systems offer to their users is the provision of content that is tailored to individual user's needs. Some Adaptive Systems use a closed corpus content that has been prepared for them <i>a priori</i>, hence, they accept only a narrow field of content. Furthermore, the content is tightly coupled with other parts of the(More)
In this paper we give an overview of the participation of the ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, in both phases of the TREC 2016 Contextual Suggestion Track. We present our ontology-based approach that consists of three models that are based on an ontology that was extracted from the Foursquare category hierarchy. The three models are: User(More)
Automatic Text Summarisation (TS) is the process of abstracting key content from information sources. Previous research attempted to combine diverse NLP techniques to improve the quality of the produced summaries. The study reported in this paper seeks to establish whether Anaphora Resolution (AR) can improve the quality of generated summaries, and to(More)
This cluster survey for vaccination coverage in Sohag Governorate was carried out for the six vaccine preventable diseases in children below 2 years and tetanus toxoid for pregnant mothers. It reveals that vaccination coverage in Sohag is still far below the universal child immunization goal of 80% coverage by the year 1990. Fully vaccinated children were(More)
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