Mostafa Bassiouni

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This paper presents a method for designing linear, quadratic and cubic interpolators that compute elementary functions using truncated multipliers, squarers and cubers. Initial coefficient values are obtained using a Chebyshev series approximation. A direct search algorithm is then used to optimize the quantized coefficient values to meet a user-specified(More)
This paper describes a 3D path planning system that is able to provide a solution trajectory for the automatic control of a robot. The proposed system uses a point cloud obtained from the robot workspace, with a Kinect V2 sensor to identify the interest regions and the obstacles of the environment. Our proposal includes a collision-free path planner based(More)
Resistive switching effect in transition metal oxide (TMO) based material is often associated with the valence change mechanism (VCM). Typical modeling of valence change resistive switching memory consists of three closely related phenomena, i.e., conductive filament (CF) geometry evolution, conduction mechanism and temperature dynamic evolution. It is(More)
Due to the outsourcing of chip manufacturing, countermeasures against Integrated Circuit (IC) piracy, reverse engineering, IC overbuilding and hardware Trojans (HTs) become a hot research topic. To protect an IC from these attacks, logic encryption techniques have been considered as a low-cost defense mechanism. In this paper, our proposal is to insert the(More)
Energy harvesting is increasingly used for powering wireless sensor network nodes. Recently, it has been suggested to combine it with the concept of transient computing whereby the wireless sensor nodes operate without energy storage capabilities. This new combined approach brings benefits, for instance ultra-low power nodes and reduced maintenance, but(More)
Deep convolutional neural networks achieve state-of-the-art performance in image classification. The computational and memory requirements of such networks are however huge, and that is an issue on embedded devices due to their constraints. Most of this complexity derives from the convolutional layers and in particular from the matrix multiplications they(More)
The electrodermal activity (EDA) is a reliable physiological signal for monitoring the sympathetic nervous system. Several studies have demonstrated that EDA can be a source of effective markers for the assessment of emotional states in humans. There are two main methods for measuring EDA: endosomatic (internal electrical source) and exosomatic (external(More)
Motion planning deals with finding a collision-free trajectory for a robot from the current position to the desired goal. For a high-dimensional space, sampling-based algorithms are widely used. Different sampling algorithms are used in different environments depending on the nature of the scenario and requirements of the problem. Here, we deal with the(More)