Mostafa Baghouri

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1 Abstract—Electrical energy production based on wind power has become the most popular renewable resources in the recent years because it gets reliable clean energy with minimum cost. The major challenge for wind turbines is the electrical and the mechanical failures which can occur at any time causing prospective breakdowns and damages and therefore it(More)
Improving network lifetime is an important challenge in Heterogeneous Wireless sensor Networks. The best way to improve a heterogeneous WSN lifetime is to regrouping the network by the clusters which each one is managed by a leader called Cluster Head. The election of cluster head is based on a predefined probability that each node becomes cluster head and(More)
—Ameliorating the lifetime in heterogeneous wireless sensor network is an important task because the sensor nodes are limited in the resource energy. The best way to improve a WSN lifetime is the clustering based algorithms in which each cluster is managed by a leader called Cluster Head. Each other node must communicate with this CH to send the data(More)
— The metrology field has been progressed with the appearance of the wireless intelligent sensor systems providing more capabilities such as signal processing, remote multi-sensing fusion etc. This kind of devices is rapidly making their way into medical and industrial monitoring, collision avoidance, traffic control, automotive and others applications.(More)
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