Mostafa B. Abuitbel

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Source direction of arrival (DOA) estimation is one of the challenging problems in many applications. Such applications can be seen in wireless communications, radar, radio astronomy, sonar and navigation. The resolution of a source direction of arrival estimation can be enhanced by an array antenna system with innovative signal processing. Super resolution(More)
In this paper, an efficient and robust equalization scheme based on genetic-algorithm (GA) is developed in MATLAB simulation environment. This is to optimize the coefficients of the transfer function of the partial response equalizer, which will force the replayed signal to follow a specified target for high-density storage applications. Increasing(More)
The process of reshaping the channel frequency response, correcting the channel-induced distortions and lowering the intersymbol interference is termed as channel equalisation. In practice, the equaliser in the system receiving electronics with continuously adjusted parameters used to handle the channel characteristic variations in an attempt with the(More)
This paper presents the use of data acquisition (DAQ) device and LabVIEW program to evaluate and measure the pressure distribution for real-time robotic hand applications. An analog conditioning circuit has been implemented to calibrate and extract data from the utilized sensors to be processed by the DAQ and LabVIEW. Furthermore, an adequate signal(More)
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