Mostafa Assadi

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Nucleotide sequences from the internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of nuclear ribosomal DNA and 5.8S gene were used to infer the phylogeny of Tilia species (represented by 13 distinct populations) growing in different geographical areas of Hyrcanian forests in northern Iran. Four well-supported lineages were revealed, including that of a new species, T.(More)
BACKGROUND Nanotechnology is developed to convert research, prevention, and treatment of cancer through the novel diagnostic imaging techniques and therapies. In particular, the imaging nanotechnology has gained substantial momentum in recent years. The main progress in nanotechnology has led to the production of novel fluorescent probes named quantum dots(More)
Asparagus bojnurdensis is described as a new species from the North-East of Khorasan province. The new species is compared with its closest relative A. verticillatus. It is similar to A. verticillatus in having unequal cladodes, branched stem, cladode with acute apex, cladode straight and scale leaves. A. bojnurdensis is also similar to A. khorasanensis in(More)
Linaria semnanensis is described as a new species discovered in Semnan Province. This newly discovered species is compared with its closest relatives L. grandiflora and L. dalmatica. The new species is similar to L. grandiflora in bract size, stem height and seed form and differs in leaf width, capsule size, adaxial lip sinus of corolla, style length, the(More)
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