Mostafa Amin-Naseri

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The main idea of generalized intelligent tutoring system (ITS) development tools like Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) is to provide authors with high-level standards and a readily reusable structure within different domains. Hence, adapting such a tool could be the best way to boost an underdeveloped tutor. In this paper we propose the(More)
While intelligent tutoring systems have been designed to teach free-body diagrams, existing software often forces students to define variables and equations that may not be necessary for conceptual understanding during the problem framing stage. StaticsTutor was developed to analyze solutions from a student-drawn diagram and recognize misconceptions at the(More)
Large social events can influence traffic conditions and possibly lead to jams and incidents. This study leverages crowdsourced data to analytically evaluate the relationship between social events and traffic incidents in the city of Chicago. In particular, we collected data on social events from scraping online webpages, as well as traffic data from a(More)
Amin-Naseri, Mostafa, "Cognitive work analysis and simulation (CWAS): practical use of cognitive work analysis in system design" ii DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this work to my parents for being great role models in my life and for their support through each and every step of my education and career.
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