Mostafa Al-Kutubi

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This paper describes two acoustic impact localization techniques for tangible interface applications. A rising-edge detection method was used for the time delay of arrival (TDOA) approach and a cross correlation analysis for the location template matching (LTM) approach. These methods were experimentally investigated using tangible objects of different(More)
Designing ergonomic interfaces for man-machine interaction is a major task for today's computer design engineers. A new type of tangible man-machine communication interface which is based on acoustics is presented in this paper. The proposed new approach is the use of pattern recognition to match the pattern of a received signal's feature with a template,(More)
In this paper, a coherence function technique is introduced for Tangible Acoustic Interfaces (TAI) using the Location Template Matching (LTM) approach. A simple workflow is proposed for the purpose of evaluating the performance of different TAI techniques and investigating the effect of various parameters based on experimental data. Performance analysis(More)
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