Mostafa Abdel-Geliel

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The Dynamic Safety Margin (DSM) is defined as a performance index, whose independent variable is the distance from a predefined safety boundary, which is described in the state space by a set of inequality constraints, to the current system state. Robustness is an important issue for fault detection and isolation (FDI) system. In this work, design a robust(More)
With the rapid development of the computer technology and its successful application in ship engineering, the method of computer simulation based on the mathematical models became more and more popular; it provides a convenient tool for predicting ship maneuverability. One of the preconditions for applying that is the modeling of the dynamic differential(More)
This paper is devoted to study the conversion of renewable energy resources into electrical energy in a standalone hybrid power generation system. The hybrid system consists of a 230 kW wind turbine, a 30 kW micro-turbine and solar heaters of double-parallel flow. Solar heaters are being used to partially preheat the air entering the combustion chamber of(More)
This paper describes and implements an a real control technique using advanced automation technology. PID controller is one of the most controller used in industrial but it need to be adaptable in real situation in order to overcome the parameter variation and system disturbance. An adaptable PID controller based on analogical gate technique is implemented(More)
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