Mostafa A. Salama

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—This paper presents an approach for detecting network traffic anomalies using detectors generated by a genetic algorithm with deterministic crowding Niching technique. Particularly, the suggested approach is inspired by the negative selection mechanism of the immune system that can detect foreign patterns in the complement (non-self) space. In our paper,(More)
—Intrusion detection systems have been around for quite some time, to protect systems from inside ad outside threats. Researchers and scientists are concerned on how to enhance the intrusion detection performance, to be able to deal with real-time attacks and detect them fast from quick response. One way to improve performance is to use minimal number of(More)
Computer security is an issue that will always be under investigation as intruders never stop to find ways to access data and network resources. Researches try to find functions and approaches that would increase chances to detect attacks and at the same time would be less expensive, regarding time and space. In this paper, an approach is applied to detect(More)
—Attribute values may be either discrete or continuous. Attribute selection methods for continuous attributes had to be preceded by a discretization method to act properly. The resulted accuracy or correctness has a great dependance on the discretization method. However, this paper proposes an attribute selection and ranking method without introducing such(More)