Mostafa A. Karam

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ERS wind scatterometer (WSC) and SSM/I data are compared for monitoring the seasonal variation of herbaceous vegetation over a sahelian region. Temporal evolution of polarization difference brightness temperatures derived from SSM/I data and WSC backscattering coefficient acquired at 45 of incidence angle over four different sites during the period(More)
A reformulated integral equation is solved inside an elliptic disk particle for an electromagnetic field formulation bridging the quasi-static and the physical optics approximations. The scattering amplitude tensor elements associated with such a field formulation are derived and then used to formulate the extinction cross sections. It is shown that the(More)
A reformed force–restore version that predicts exact values for ground surface temperature under a multifrequency surface forcing is developed. In developing such a version, the ground surface temperature is expanded into a Fourier series. A force–restore equation is proposed for each term in the series in terms of two unknown coefficients: forcing(More)
The conventional integral equation governing the electric field inside dielectric particles is reformed to bridge and to provide mathematical foundations for analytic techniques widely used to estimate such a field. The solution of the reformed equation inside a dielectric slab explained how inner-field formulations based on the Rayleigh, the Rayleigh-Gans,(More)
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