Mosotho J. George

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Intense femtosecond laser excitation can produce transient states of matter that would otherwise be inaccessible to laboratory investigation. At high excitation densities, the interatomic forces that bind solids and determine many of their properties can be substantially altered. Here, we present the detailed mapping of the carrier density-dependent(More)
Significant improvements to microdrop extractions of triazine pesticides are realized by the intentional incorporation of an air bubble into the solvent microdroplet used in this microextraction technique. The increase is attributed partly to greater droplet surface area resulting from the air bubble being incorporated into the solvent droplet as opposed to(More)
Headspace analysis is used widely and relies on volatilization of analytes into the headspace above the matrix. We detail the dramatic influence that added solvent can have on headspace analysis of phenols, without the requirement for specialized headspace vials. The use of water-immiscible solvents is key and leads to a 1-3 orders of magnitude enhancement(More)
Tracking of metolachlor and atrazine herbicides in agricultural soils, from spraying through to harvest, was conducted using our recently reported "bubble-in-drop single-drop microextraction" method. The method showed good linearity (R(2) = 0.999 and 0.999) in the concentration range of 0.01-1.0 ng/mL with LOD values of 0.01 and 0.02 ng/mL for atrazine and(More)
Femtosecond time-resolved small and wide angle x-ray diffuse scattering techniques are applied to investigate the ultrafast nucleation processes that occur during the ablation process in semiconducting materials. Following intense optical excitation, a transient liquid state of high compressibility characterized by large-amplitude density fluctuations is(More)
BACKGROUND Plants contain a myriad of metabolites which exhibit diverse biological activities. However, in-depth analyses of these natural products with current analytical platforms remains an undisputed challenge due to the multidimensional chemo-diversity of these molecules, amplified by both isomerization and conjugation. In this study, we looked at(More)
Growth hormones are important biologically active compounds. However, they can cause deleterious effects if not used with care and their use in farmed animals is banned in the European Union. This study presents the development and application of a mixed-solvent "bubble-in-drop single drop micro-extraction" (BID-SDME) method for enrichment of stilbene(More)
Accuracy of determining radiation interception, and hence radiation use efficiency, depends on the method of measuring photosynthetically active radiation intercepted. Methods vary, from expensive instruments such as Sunfleck ceptometers to simple methods such as digital photography. However, before universal use of digital photography there is need to(More)
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