Moshe Zviran

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Various mechanisms for authenticating users of computer-based information systems have been proposed. These include traditional, user-selected passwords, system-generated passwords, passphrases, cognitive passwords and associative passwords. While the mechanisms employed in primary passwords are determined by the operating systems' manufacturers, system(More)
Producing accurate and reliable project cost estimations at an early stage of a project’s life cycle remains a substantial challenge in the information technology field. This research benchmarks the performance of various approaches to estimating IT project effort and duration. Empirical data were gathered from various ‘‘real-world” organizations including(More)
process involving such activities as identifying promising application targets, deciding the application’s posture (defensive or offensive) and mode of use (internal or external), and assessing the application’s associated risk of system failure and financial loss. One practical conclusion for strategic systems is that planning for them is intertwined with(More)