Moshe Zazone

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Ordering heuristics are a powerful tool in CSP search algorithms. Among the most successful ordering heuristics are heuristics which enforce a fail first strategy by using the Min-domain property (Haralick and Elliott, Artif Intel 14:263–313, 1980; Bessiere and Regin, Mac and combined heuristics: two reasons to forsake FC (and CBJ?) on hard problems. In(More)
A new type of ordering heuristics for dynamic ordering asynchronous backtracking(ABT DO) on DisCSPs is presented. Agents can be moved to a position that is higher than that of the target of the backtrack (Nogood). This new type of heuristics do not follow the restrictions on the heuristics of previous versions of ABT DO. The flexibility of the new type of(More)
Dynamic Backtracking (DBT ) is a well known algorithm for solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems. In DBT , variables are allowed to keep their assignment during backjump, if they are compatible with the set of eliminating explanations. A previous study has shown that when DBT is combined with variable ordering heuristics, it performs poorly compared to(More)
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