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The Computational Structure of Monotone Monadic SNP and Constraint Satisfaction: A Study through Datalog and Group Theory
This paper starts with the project of finding a large subclass of NP which exhibits a dichotomy. Expand
The complexity of relational query languages (Extended Abstract)
Two complexity measures for query languages are proposed. Data complexity is the complexity of evaluating a query in the language as a function of the size of the database, and expression complexityExpand
Simple on-the-fly automatic verification of linear temporal logic
We present a tableau-based algorithm for obtaining an automaton from a temporal logic formula. Expand
An automata-theoretic approach to branching-time model checking
We show that alternating tree automata are the key to a comprehensive automata-theoretic framework for branching temporal logics. Expand
Parametric real-time reasoning
The emptiness question for parametric timed automata is central to the veri cation problem. Expand
Reasoning About Infinite Computations
We investigate extensions of temporal logic by connectives defined by finite automata on infinite words. Expand
Reasoning about The Past with Two-Way Automata
The Μ-calculus can be viewed as essentially the “ultimate” program logic, as it expressively subsumes all propositional program logics, including dynamic logics and process logics. Expand
Linear Temporal Logic and Linear Dynamic Logic on Finite Traces
We propose a logic, LDLf for Linear Dynamic Logic over finite traces, which borrows the syntax from Propositional Dynamic Logic (PDL), but is interpreted over traces. Expand
An Automata-Theoretic Approach to Linear Temporal Logic
The automata-theoretic approach to linear temporal logic uses the theory of automata as a unifying paradigm for program specification, verification, and synthesis. Expand