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The interactions between the nervous and immune systems have been recognized in the development of neurodegenerative disease. This can be exploited through detection of the immune response to autoantigens in assessing the neurotoxicity of environmental chemicals. To test this hypothesis, the following questions were addressed. a) Are autoantibodies to(More)
Many real-world graphs have complex labels on the nodes and edges. Mining only exact patterns yields limited insights, since it may be hard to find exact matches. However, in many domains it is relatively easy to define a cost (or distance) between different labels. Using this information, it becomes possible to mine a much richer set of approximate(More)
The present study was carried out for screening some biochemical changes due to occupational exposure to contraceptive drugs. It included 18 male workers and 22 female workers involved in the manufacture of contraceptive pills and 34 female workers manufacturing contraceptive ampoules. The levels of some sex hormones and gonadotropins were evaluated. Some(More)
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