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A new method of farthest point strategy (FPS) for progressive image acquisition-an acquisition process that enables an approximation of the whole image at each sampling stage-is presented. Its main advantage is in retaining its uniformity with the increased density, providing efficient means for sparse image sampling and display. In contrast to previously(More)
Recent studies of cortical simple cell function suggest that the primitives of image representation in vision have a wavelet form similar to Gabor elementary functions (EF's). It is shown that textures and fully-textured images can be practically decomposed into, and synthesized from, a finite set of EF's. Textured-images can be synthesized from a set of(More)
Many sources of information are of analog or continuous-time nature. However, digital signal processing applications rely on discrete data. We consider the problem of approximating L<sub>2</sub> inner products, i.e., representation coefficients of a continuous-time signal, from its generalized samples. Adopting a robust approach, we process these(More)
Markov-type models characterize the correlation among neighboring pixels in an image in many image processing applications. Specifically, a wide-sense Markov model, which is defined in terms of minimum linear mean-square error estimates, is applicable to image restoration, image compression, and texture classification and segmentation. In this work, we(More)
A methodology is described for associating local invariant signature functions to smooth planar curves in order to enable their translation, rotation, and scale-invariant recognition from arbitrarily clipped portions. The suggested framework incorporates previous approaches, based on locating inflections, curvature extrema, breakpoints, and other singular(More)
Most coding techniques for color image compression employ a de-correlation approach the RGB primaries are transformed into a de-correlated color space, such as YUV or YCbCr, then the de-correlated color components are encoded separately. Examples of this approach are the JPEG and JPEG2000 image compression standards. A different method, of a Correlation(More)
Although subband transform coding is a useful approach to image compression and communication, the performance of this method has not been analyzed so far for color images, especially when the selection of color components is considered. Obviously, the RGB components are not suitable for such a compression method due to their high inter-color correlation.(More)