Moshe Nazarathy

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We experimentally demonstrate a novel digital signal processing (DSP) structure for reduced guard-interval (RGI) OFDM coherent optical systems. The proposed concept is based on digitally slicing optical channel bandwidth into multiple spectrally disjoint sub-bands which are then processed in parallel. Each low bandwidth sub-band has a smaller delay-spread(More)
—We present yet another quasi-analytic model for an optically amplified receiver, comprising an optical preamplifier, an optical prefilter, a photodetector, and an electrical postfilter. Due to the square-law nonlinearity and its interaction with the linear pre-and postfilters, the understanding of this seemingly simple structure has been elusive, gradually(More)
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) protocols based on higher-order MUBs (Maximally Unbiased Bases), potentially displaying improved range-security performance, are optically realized for higher (>2) dimensions and/or for multiple (>2) transmission and detection bases, inspired by analogies with the DPSK (Differential Phase Shift Keying) and PPM (Pulse Position(More)
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