Moshe Miller

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The long-term neuropsychological effects of persistent nonmedical drug use are still unknown. In this study, 22 young men, all extensive "polydrug" users, were examined while free from drugs for an average of 60 days by means of the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery. Their performance was compared to that of age-education-sex-matched(More)
Controversy exists about whether the repeatedly documented associations between smoking and subsequent suicide-related outcomes (SROs; ideation, plans, gestures and attempts) are due to unmeasured common causes or to causal effects of smoking on SROs. We address this issue by examining associations of smoking with subsequent SROs with and without controls(More)
BACKGROUND Despite advances in the treatment of childhood cancer, some children continue to die from their disease. This study aimed to assess the impact of specialist paediatric palliative care services (SPPCSs) on the number of hospital admissions in children who subsequently died from cancer in Yorkshire, UK. METHODS An extract of patients aged 0-19(More)
We report the case of a young man diagnosed with schizophrenia who presented with stalking behaviors that may have been caused by problematic use or participation in social media networks (SMN). We review the possible role of SMN in the formation of his romantic delusion and offer suggestions for clinicians around incorporation of SMN questions into(More)
AIM To identify the nature of services for children and young people with progressive neuromuscular disorders (NMD) provided by Children's Hospices in the UK. METHODS A questionnaire requesting aggregate data on the number of patients with a neuromuscular condition was sent to all children's hospices in the UK, in addition, specific data was collected on(More)
OBJECTIVE The high seroprevalence of HIV that has been reported among homeless individuals with mental illness indicates an urgent need to examine HIV risk behavior in this population. METHOD Injection drug use and sexual behavior were assessed in comprehensive interviews with 218 homeless mentally ill men in a New York City shelter. First, the proportion(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors investigated sexual behaviors related to HIV transmission among homeless mentally ill men in a New York City shelter. A previous study of a similar population found HIV prevalence to be 19%. METHODS In standardized interviews with 122 men, data on sexual behaviors for the previous 6 months were collected. The frequency and nature of(More)
The results of a questionnaire survey of the partners of psychiatrists and general practitioners are presented. The questionnaire was designed to elicit feelings about the respective professions. Methodological issues are discussed, and the wisdom of comparing different medical groups is questioned. Although significantly fewer psychiatrists' partners(More)
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