Moshe Levin

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The optimal tyrosine kinase inhibitor for any individual patient with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is not predictable. Pharmacogenetic parameters and trough levels of imatinib (IM) have each been independently correlated with response. We therefore studied the human organic cation transporter (hOCT1) and multidrug resistance (MDR1) single nucleotide(More)
In this retrospective study, we aim to analyze the characteristics, treatments, and overall survival of all patients presenting with isolated myeloid sarcoma (MS) or MS with concomitant acute myeloid leukemia (AML) compared with all patients with AML, treated during the same period. We identified patients with AML with or without MS at diagnosis, presenting(More)
Fresh frozen plasma should only be used to treat bleeding episodes or prepare patients for surgery in certain defined situations. Definite indications for the use of FFP: 1. Replacement of single coagulation factor deficiencies, where a specific or combined factor concentrate is unavailable. 2. Immediate reversal or warfarin effect. 3. Acute disseminated(More)
CONTEXT Women with Turner syndrome (TS) have reduced levels of androgens due to ovarian failure. HYPOTHESES Morbidity associated with TS, such as bone fragility, metabolic changes, obesity, neurocognitive profile, and sexual problems may partly relate to androgen insufficiency and improve on androgen replacement therapy (ART). OBJECTIVES The objective(More)
We describe four men who had symptoms of acute mercury poisoning following exposure to mercury vapor. They were attempting home gold ore purification using a gold-mercury amalgam and sulfuric acid. Three of the four patients required treatment with penicillamine. The clinical and laboratory data are presented along with pulmonary function test results.(More)
OBJECTIVE Women with Turner syndrome have increased heart rate and high blood pressure (BP), and have been described as having high tolerance for emotional stress. We hypothesized that women with Turner syndrome have reduced catecholaminergic and physiological response to sympathetic stimulation, and that changes in BP and heart rate are related to their(More)
CONTEXT Newborn infants show a postnatal decline in androgen levels as the fetal adrenal glands involute. HYPOTHESIS Placental factors up-regulate dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) generation. Hence, regardless of age, parturition will result in fetal adrenal involution and decline in DHEA-S levels. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Premature neonates (n = 30)(More)