Moshe Kalian

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The influence of chronic dietary lithium administration and electroconvulsive therapy on adenosine A1 and A2 receptors in rat brain were determined. A2 receptor activity was measured by accumulation of cyclic AMP in a cerebral cortical slice preparation after in vitro addition of 2-chloro-adenosine, and was unchanged in animals which received chronic Li but(More)
Production of a leukocyte migration inhibition factor by peripheral blood lymphocytes in response to challenge with gluten fractions was studied in hospitalized patients with schizophrenia and other psychoses compared with normal individuals and with children and adolescents with celiac disease. The schizophrenic and other psychotic patients could be(More)
Every year some 50 tourists visiting Jerusalem are hospitalized following psychotic episodes. The majority of these patients are from religious backgrounds, and Jerusalem's special place in the Jewish and Christian religions appears to influence the nature of the delusionary experiences. This report examines the factors involved in this phenomenon.
The role of empathy in the preparation of legal-psychiatric assessments is a controversial issue which has been discussed in the professional literature and in the practice in Court. The focus of the controversy is the question of objectivity versus subjectivity in the examiner and the worries about empathy leading to over-identification with the examinee.(More)