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We present a semi-automatic system that converts conventional video shots to stereoscopic video pairs. The system requires just a few user-scribbles in a sparse set of frames. The system combines a diffusion scheme, which takes into account the local saliency and the local motion at each video location, coupled with a classification scheme that assigns(More)
Received (Day Month Year) Revised (Day Month Year) Communicated by (xxxxxxxxxx) We present an algorithm that compresses two-dimensional data, which are piece-wise smooth in one direction and have oscillatory events in the other direction. Fine texture, seismic, hyper-spectral and fingerprints have this mixed structure. The transform part of the compression(More)
Content aware video manipulation (CAVM) is a method for the analysis and recomposition of video foot-age, by means of content analysis and adaptive video warping. One main motivation of CAVM is ''video retargeting'', a process that visually alters an existing video while considering the relative importance of its various regions. CAVM video retargeting aims(More)
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