Moshe Forman

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Women at very high risk for having a child with a neural tube defect (NTD) because they had previously delivered affected children significantly reduced their recurrence rate by taking folate supplements before conception. To clarify how these results might apply to a lower-risk general obstetric population, we measured folate, vitamin B12, and retinol(More)
Immunosuppressed patients are more susceptible to adenoviral infection and carry a significantly higher mortality than immunocompetent patients. Renal transplant patients with adenoviral infection most often present with infection of the kidney and urinary tract within weeks to months of transplant surgery, suggesting reactivation of the latent adenovirus(More)
BACKGROUND A large number (17) of nosocomial respiratory syncytial virus cases led to the development of control measures to prevent transmission of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) within the Johns Hopkins Hospital's Children's Center. METHODS The control plan is based on a 2-stage process. In stage 1, the staff are notified that RSV is in the(More)
BACKGROUND During the winter of 2002-2003, the Israeli health authorities launched a campaign to vaccinate first responders against smallpox. METHODS In an open study, 159 healthy, preimmunized adults, 24-52 years old, who participated in the campaign were vaccinated with the Lister strain of vaccinia virus by the multipuncture technique. The safety,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To define the causes and clinical features of hemoptysis in HIV-infected patients. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of inpatient medical records for patients with HIV infection and hemoptysis. SETTING A large New York City teaching hospital and tertiary referral center. PATIENTS Fifty HIV-infected adult patients with 51 episodes of(More)
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