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This paper explores the role of maternal drug use and the timing of prenatal care. The study data were collected from women delivering live births at eight participating hospitals in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area Drug Study. An estimated 16.9 percent of the women in this sample initiated prenatal care in their third trimester or received no(More)
The impact of maternal smoking and other substance use during pregnancy on infant birthweight is demonstrated in a sample of 766 urban women, using data collected in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area Drug Study (DC*MADS). Women residing and giving birth in the District of Columbia were interviewed in 1992. A multivariable linear regression model was(More)
The definition of intervention: modifying the course of events - can be both a challenge or an invitation to criticism. The real question in geriatrics is what should be done - not what can be done. In our article we have tried to describe our geriatric action in Geneva. Multidisciplinary services, an attempt at integrated psychiatry, the geriatric hospital(More)
Traumatic dislocation of the testicle is a rare injury generally resulting from severe scrotal trauma and displacement of the testicle into the subcutaneous tissue surrounding the external inguinal ring. The authors report here the extremely unusual case of an abdominal dislocation of the testicle in a young patient with an indirect inguinal hernia. In(More)
Unlike adults, small children and infants do not require stretchers or ambulances for transport from a prehospital scene to the emergency department (ED). This study was designed to determine the importance of this difference in patient transport needs. A Macintosh Classic computer was programmed to compare the time to intubation (TTI) of a child with(More)
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