Moses Olabiyi Abiodun

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Histone deacetylases (HDACs) are representative targets for the natural and synthetic chemicals used to transform cells to confer antitumor properties. In the current study, curcumin and hydroxamate-derivative PCI-34058-bound HDAC1 were subjected to atomistic simulation. The results support the view that fitting of curcumin and PCI-34058 within the HDAC1(More)
In higher plants, the numbers of cytoplasmic-distributed Golgi stacks differ based on function, age and cell type. It has not been clarified how the numbers are controlled, whether all the Golgi apparatus in a cell function equally and whether the increase in Golgi number is a result of the de novo formation from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) or fission of(More)
We have recently developed a new method aimed at mass photo-conversion of photo-convertible fluorescence protein (PFP) fluorescence in transformed tobacco BY-2 cells. Using this method we reported recently that the Golgi apparatus is generated by the de novo formation from ER and the division of pre-existing Golgi stacks with similar extents In this work we(More)
Several methodologies have been employed to understand the kinetics of induced autophagic degradation in plants, but most of them are not capable of distinguishing the autophagic cargo proteins before and after induction of autophagy in cells. Here, we designed a mass photoconverter that allowed us to simultaneously monitor protein synthesis and degradation(More)
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