Moses Nyine

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A well-saturated genetic linkage map is valuable for fundamental and applied genetic research. Genetic linkage maps of two half-sib diploid banana populations were constructed using allele-specific-polymerase chain reactions (AS-PCRs), diversity array technology (DArT), and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Molecular maps were produced for each parent(More)
All East African Highland Banana varieties are genetically uniform having arisen from a single clone introduced to Africa. East African Highland bananas (EAHBs) are a subgroup of triploid (AAA genome) bananas of importance to food security in the Great Lakes region of Africa. Little is known about their genetic variation, population structure and(More)
Banana (Musa spp.) is an important crop in the African Great Lakes region in terms of income and food security, with the highest per capita consumption worldwide. Pests, diseases and climate change hamper sustainable production of bananas. New breeding tools with increased crossbreeding efficiency are being investigated to breed for resistant, high yielding(More)
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