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We recently developed "photo-unclick chemistry", a novel chemical tool involving the cleavage of aminoacrylate by singlet oxygen, and demonstrated its application to visible light-activatable prodrugs. In this study, we prepared an advanced multifunctional prodrug, Pc-(L-CA4)2, composed of the fluorescent photosensitizer phthalocyanine (Pc), an SO-labile(More)
"Click and Photo-unclick Chemistry" of aminoacrylates is proposed for a new photo-labile linker. Adducts are built in 2 steps with good yields and cleaved rapidly by tissue penetrable visible light (690 nm) with a photosensitizer. Facile synthesis, release of mother drug, and stability and cleavage in medium are demonstrated.
We examined the concept of a novel prodrug strategy in which anticancer drug can be locally released by visible/near IR light, taking advantage of the photodynamic process and photo-unclick chemistry. Our most recently formulated prodrug of combretastatin A-4, Pc-(L-CA4)2, showed multifunctionality for fluorescence imaging, light-activated drug release, and(More)
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