Mosalam Ebrahimi

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A network of n communication links operating over a shared wireless channel is considered. Power management is crucial to such interference-limited networks to improve the aggregate throughput. We consider sum-rate maximization of the network by optimum power allocation when conventional linear receivers (without interference cancellation) are utilized. It(More)
There has been significant research into the development of visual feature detectors and descriptors that are robust to a number of image deformations. Some of these methods have emphasized the need to improve on computational speed and compact representations so that they can enable a range of real-time applications with reduced computational requirements.(More)
A single-hop wireless network with K links is considered, where the links are partitioned into M clusters, each operating in a subchannel with bandwidth W/M. We assume that the links in each cluster perform the on-off power allocation strategy proposed in [1]. The problem is to analyze the average sum-rate of the network in terms of M and under the shadow-(More)
A network of n wireless communication links is considered. Rayleigh fading is assumed to be the dominant factor affecting the strength of the channels between nodes. In previous works it is shown that the maximum throughput of this network over all link activation strategies scales as logn. However, it is achieved by assigning a vanishingly small rate to(More)
UNLABELLED Objective, Approach. A growing number of prototypes for diagnosing and treating neurological and psychiatric diseases are predicated on access to high-quality brain signals, which typically requires surgically opening the skull. Where endovascular navigation previously transformed the treatment of cerebral vascular malformations, we now show that(More)
This paper utilizes Ant-Miner, the first Ant colony algorithm for discovering classification rules, in a simulated soccer domain to enhance teamwork abilities among agents. The method is used to create appropriate rules using collected training data to estimate whether passing the ball to a particular teammate will result in a success or not. The quality of(More)
In this paper, the problem of maximizing the number of active users satisfying a required quality of service (QoS) in n-user interference channels is investigated. This problem is known as an NP-complete problem. We introduce an efficient suboptimal algorithm, relying on the results for the boundary of the rate region we derived in [1]. The algorithm is(More)
—Local image features have become ubiquitous for a wide range of computer vision tasks. For embedded and low power devices speed and memory efficiency is of main concern and therefore there have been several recent attempts to improve these issues. In this paper we are concerned with the early components of the object recognition pipeline, namely, feature(More)
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