Mosaddequr Rahman

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In Bangladesh, illegal consumption of electricity takes a considerable part of the revenue as a non-technical loss in power distribution system. Unlike technical losses, this has no easy way to be calculated and fixed. This paper discusses the methodology for detection of power pilferage and its implementation using embedded electronics system. The idea is(More)
Battery performance of a proposed solar car has been investigated under different road conditions while the car makes a trip in one of the longest routes in Dhaka city, using a model developed in Matlab Simulink. A significant reduction in energy consumption is observed when the car runs at lower speed, which is atthbuted to lower air drag at lower speed.(More)
The main aim of this research is to simplify the production procedure by reducing processing steps, and to employ less hazardous chemicals to fabricate ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate, Pb[Zr<sub>0.52</sub>Ti<sub>0.48</sub>]O<sub>3</sub> (PZT) thin sol-gel film for microelectronics industry. Isopropanol based solution was used which is less toxic(More)
This work aims to obtain the capacitance resulted from the coplanar electrode configuration meant to be used for underwater sensing application. Coplanar structure is proposed to overcome the complexity of parallel electrode microfabrication processes which require repeating process of layer deposition. Work is achieved through Finite Element Model (FEM)(More)
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