Mosab Hassaan

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Sequence mining is one of the fundamental data mining tasks. In this paper we present a novel approach called Prism, for mining frequent sequences. Prism utilizes a vertical approach for enumeration and support counting, based on the novel notion o/prime block encoding, which in turn is based on prime factorization theory. Via an extensive evaluation on(More)
Graph similarity is a basic and essential operation in many applications. In this paper, we are interested in computing graph similarity based on edit distance. Existing graph edit distance computation methods adopt the best first search paradigm A*. These methods are time and space bound. In practice, they can compute the edit distance of graphs containing(More)
Sequential pattern mining is an important data mining problem with broad applications, including the analysis of customer purchase patterns, Web access patterns, DNA analysis, and so on. We show on dense databases, a typical algorithm like Spade algorithm tends to lose its efficiency. Spade is based on the used of lists containing the localization of the(More)
Subgraph search in graph datasets is an important problem with numerous applications. Many feature-based indexing methods have been proposed for solving this problem. These methods have to index too many features or select some of them in order to get an index with good pruning capabilities. None of these directions can give an effective solution to all(More)
Graphs are widely used to model complicated data semantics in many applications. In this paper we propose Fast-ON, an efficient algorithm for subgraph isomorphism problem which has proven to be NP-complete. Fast-ON is based on Ullman algorithm [1]. It improves the search space of Ullman algorithm by considering two effective optimizations. Comparing to the(More)
Graphs are widely used to model complicated data semantics in many applications. In our paper [8], we proposed Fast-ON, an efficient algorithm for subgraph isomorphism problem. In this paper, we develop an efficient algorithm called Fast-ON* that extends Fast-ON to handle two other problems, namely, graph isomorphism problem and graph query processing. Our(More)
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