Morwan Mohamed Nour

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Hemodynamic results after valve replacement surgery are well documented, but there are few follow-up studies on pulmonary function. Pulmonary function and hemodynamic studies were made, preoperatively, in 149 patients with predominant, mitral, aortic or combined mitral and aortic stenosis. A sequential postoperative follow-up of the pulmonary function was(More)
Lung function was studied in 24 patients with advanced mitral stenosis scheduled for mitral valve replacement (MVR), and revealed an obstructive ventilatory pattern. Forty per cent of the patients had a forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1)<60% of that predicted in the preoperative period. Twenty-five per cent of those operated upon showed a similar(More)
The rise of technologies and simpler software tools have been identified as drivers for the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement. However, content creators have been slow to adopt current OER solutions, as is shown by weak repository deposit rates and activities. To begin to address this, a desktop tool that simplifies the deposit process and that can(More)
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