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PURPOSE ANSI/ADA has established standards for adequate radiopacity. This study was aimed to assess the changes in radiopacity of composite resins according to various tube-target distances and exposure times. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five 1-mm thick samples of Filtek P60 and Clearfil composite resins were prepared and exposed with six tube-target(More)
PURPOSE There is a controversial body of evidence regarding optimal insertion angulation of an orthodontic miniscrew as a mean of skeletal anchorage. MATERIALS AND METHODS A bracket head-type 8-mm-long miniscrew (60-degree symmetrical trapezoid thread, 0.1-mm thread fillet, 0.2-mm thread height, with 0.5-mm thread pitch) was designed and monocortically(More)
PURPOSE Clinicians commonly encounter cases in which it is difficult to determine whether adjacent radiopacities are normal or pathologic. The ideal radiopacity of composite resin is equal to or higher than that of the same thickness of aluminum. We aimed to investigate the possible effects of different curing times on the post-24-hour radiopacity of(More)
terms of their effect on the facial vertical dimension. The Begg technique relies heavily on the use of anchor bends in archwires with inherent use of Class ii elastics for correction of the presenting malocclusion. Such mechanics can cause significant extrusion of the molars, resulting in the possible alteration of the facial vertical dimension. Canine(More)
AIM Light curing of resin composites may considerably change the color of resin composites. The aim of this study was to evaluate the changing pattern of resin composite's color by different curing times. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen, 1 mm-thick, samples of each A2 shade Clearfill and Filtek P60 composites were prepared. First five samples were cured for(More)
According to the US Surgeon General, physician should take part preventing oral diseases; a matter that is almost overlooked (1). Visiting a pediatrician, parents often prioritize nutritional and growth issues and oral health is seldom a concern (2). Probably, one of the major barriers to this neglected part of clinical examination is this part of review of(More)
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