Morvarid Amani

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Diabetes mellitus is a major cause of serious micro- and macrovascular diseases that affect nearly every system in the body, including the respiratory system. Non-enzymatic protein glycation due to hyperglycaemic stress has fundamental implications due to the large capillary network and amount of connective tissue in the lung. The current study was designed(More)
Corneal wound healing often leads to the development of scar tissue with loss of transparency. Reconstitution of transparent corneal stroma depends on the regulation of the biosynthetic activities of post-lesional keratocytes as well as to a large extent on the limitation of matrix degradation. It has been shown that 3% concentration of N-acetylcysteine(More)
Because of a technical misunderstanding, an unfortunate mistake was made in the paper. All of the words " β7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors " and " β7nAChRs " should be replaced with " α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors " and " α7nAChRs, " respectively, throughout the " Discussion " section.
In our study, we examined the protective effect of troxerutin, a natural bioflavonoid, on β-amyloid, Aβ (1-42)-induced impairments of learning and memory. Male Wistar rats (300-350 g) were divided into six groups, sham, Aβ (1-42)-, Aβ (42-1)-injected, and three groups Aβ (1-42)-injected plus treatment with three different doses of troxerutin (50, 150, and(More)
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