Morton J Mendelson

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Body esteem (BE) refers to self-evaluations of one's body or appearance. This article outlines a BE questionnaire for adolescents and adults that has 3 subscales: BE-Appearance (general feelings about appearance), BE-Weight (weight satisfaction), and BE-Attribution (evaluations attributed to others about one's body and appearance). The subscales have high(More)
4-month-old infants were presented a 60-sec recording of a syllable repeated in either a regular or an irregular rhythm. The rhythms contained the same time intervals, but the pattern of the intervals differed. Following the sound, the infants were shown a 90-sec silent film of a puppet opening and closing its mouth, either in the familiar rhythm or in a(More)
Individuals at five grade levels (kindergarten, Grade 2, Grade 4, Grade 6, and college) made pair-comparison judgments of visual complexity. The influence of the presence or absence of six types of visual structure (double symmetry, vertical symmetry, horizontal symmetry, diagonal symmetry, checkerboard organization, and rotational organization) and of(More)
Anderson showed that, for TV watchers as young as 12 months, the probability of maintaining a look increases as the look progresses. Based on this finding, he hypothesized a previously unreported process, "attentional inertia," that he considered the conceptual obverse of habituation. Since the existence of such a process would profoundly affect theories of(More)
Circulating immune complexes (CIC) were evaluated in 57 diabetic patients: 28 were insulin-dependent (IDD) and 29 were non insulin-dependent (NIDD) subdivided according to the presence or absence of microangiopathy. The following techniques were used: 1) binding to human red blood cells through C3b complement fraction and posterior radioimmunoassay with(More)
Adolescence is a transitional period when the pressure to engage in romantic and sexual relationships can leave teenagers feeling confused and at risk for sexual coercion. Our studies investigated characteristics of male and female perpetrators and victims of peer sexual coercion, focusing on self-esteem, sexist attitudes, and involvement in nonsexual(More)
BACKGROUND Few instruments exist to ascertain the severity of a preschool-aged child's asthma exacerbations managed at home. OBJECTIVE We sought to develop and validate a functional status instrument to assess asthma exacerbation severity in preschoolers. METHODS The parent-completed Asthma Flare-up Diary for Young Children (ADYC), which was developed(More)
PROBLEM The relationship between mothers' different mood states and dimensions of support; the influence of antepartum and postpartum support on mood states as a function of stress and time. SUBJECTS Married mothers (N = 50) expecting a second child when their firstborn was between 28-54 months old; 90% Caucasian; ages 24-40 years. Average education: 13(More)
This paper considers the relation between visual information processing and the burst-pause pattern of nonnutritive sucking in the human infant. Sucking and visual scanning activity were investigated in 2 independent studies. The results did not support the view that sucking is affected by ongoing processing activity. It is argued that previously reported(More)