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The Gordian knot of anatomy has been the architectural arrangement of ventricular muscle mass, which may have finally become understood. The description of Francisco Torrent-Guasp's model of the helical heart is presented, which includes the cardiac structures that produce 2 simple loops that start at the pulmonary artery and end in the aorta. An unscrolled(More)
Torrent-Guasp's model of the helical heart is presented, which includes the cardiac muscular structures that produce 2 simple loops and that start at the pulmonary artery and end in the aorta. These components include a horizontal basal loop that surrounds the right and left ventricles, changes direction through a spiral fold in the ventricular band to(More)
BACKGROUND It was hypothesized that native heart valves function as if they were simple tubes with sides that collapse when external pressure is applied. Because "form follows function," this hypothesis could theoretically be confirmed by implanting a simple tube into the anatomic position of any native heart valve and documenting that under the same(More)
To study the retinal surface in the human eye in normal and diseased states we used laser scanning tomography. The confocal arrangement of the laser tomographic scanner permits examination of retinal topography in the axis perpendicular to the retinal surface. The eyes examined with the laser tomographic scanner included normal eyes, eyes with macular(More)
The study of the dissemination of the electric impulse throughout the ventricular myocardium, which gave rise to the current theories, was performed without taking into consideration the complex architecture of the cardiac muscle elucidated by more recent researchers. We propose a novel hypothesis based on the special macroscopic structure of the heart, the(More)
Ishemic dilated cardiomyopathy results from altered muscle mechanics. Ventricular restoration is aimed at altering the volume and shape changes that follow myocardial infarction. Optimal surgical methods to achieve this goal are not well defined, but it has been shown that sphericity is an important determinant of long-term outcome. We present the rationale(More)
Vitreous specimens can be useful for diagnosis of intraocular infection, inflammation, and neoplasms. Concern has been raised that obtaining vitreous specimens through a guillotine cutter might result in suboptimal cytologic changes. To determine if aspiration yields better cytologic information than vitrectomy, the authors performed experimental vitreous(More)
In this paper we focus on the generalized quantum rotation gates in the presence of dephasing. We follow the model proposed by Lacour et. al. [1] and extend their technique by applying the quantum jump approach. This approach clearly illustrates the acquired phases which cannot be recompensated and leads to imperfect gates. Numerical solutions for these(More)
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