Morthemer Ortiz

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We study the problem of atomic scale fracture using the recently developed quasicontinuum method in which there is a systematic thinning of the atomic-level degrees of freedom in regions where they are not needed. Fracture is considered in two distinct settings. First, a study is made of cracks in single crystals, and second, we consider a crack advancing(More)
Lima bean is a species cultivated broadly in the Americas and has been cultivated in the Caribbean for at least 500 years. In order to determine the genetic structure and diversity of Lima bean from the Caribbean, 50 landraces from Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico were collected and analyzed using 24 SSR markers. All landraces in this Caribbean(More)
Pluto and Eris are icy dwarf planets with nearly identical sizes, comparable densities and similar surface compositions as revealed by spectroscopic studies. Pluto possesses an atmosphere whereas Eris does not; the difference probably arises from their differing distances from the Sun, and explains their different albedos. Makemake is another icy dwarf(More)
Complex lattice Quasicontinuum theory is applied to simulations of phenomena in tetragonal phase BaTiO/sub 3/. Quasicontinuum theory is a multiscale theory, which bridges a unified continuum and atomistic description of materials at the same time. Handling millions of atoms simultaneously, Quasicontinuum derives the description of the materials directly(More)
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