Morteza Saheb Zamani

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In this paper, a new non-search based synthesis algorithm for reversible circuits is proposed. Compared with the widely used search-based methods, our algorithm is guarantied to produce a result and can lead to a solution with much fewer steps. To evaluate the proposed method, several circuits taken from the literature are used. The experimental results(More)
Reversible logic has applications in various research areas including low-power design and quantum computation. In this paper, a rule-based optimization approach for reversible circuits is proposed which uses both negative and positive control Toffoli gates during the optimization. To this end, a set of rules for removing NOT gates and optimizing(More)
In this paper, the behavior of substitution-based reversible circuit synthesis methods is studied. We analyze one of the most recent search-based synthesis algorithms to improve its quality by adding some new non-trivial substitutions. Furthermore, it is shown that the order of factor substitution affects the depth of search tree significantly. In addition,(More)
To improve the performance of embedded processors, an effective technique is collapsing critical computation subgraphs as application-specific instruction set extensions and executing them on custom functional units. The problem with this approach is the immense cost and the long times required to design a new processor for each application. As a solution(More)
Quantum information processing is in the beginning stages. Among open research problems, quantum circuit synthesis has recently received significant attention. In this paper, we propose a new non-search based moving forward synthesis algorithm (MOSAIC) for CNOT-based quantum circuits. Compared with the widely used search-based methods, MOSAIC is guaranteed(More)
IP address lookup is one of the most challenging problems of Internet routers. In this paper, an IP lookup rate of 263 Mlps (Million lookups per second) is achieved using a novel architecture on reconfigurable hardware platform. A partial reconfiguration may be needed for a small fraction of route updates. Prefixes can be added or removed at a rate of 2(More)
Extracting appropriate custom instructions is an important phase for implementing an application on an extensible processor with a reconfigurable functional unit (RFU). Custom instructions (CIs) are usually extracted from critical portions of applications. It may not be possible to meet all of the RFU constraints when CIs are generated. This paper addresses(More)
It can be shown that if quantum algorithms run on quantum computers, their processing speeds improve exponentially compared to their classical counterparts. However, due to the lack of quantum computers circuit model of quantum algorithms are currently simulated using classical computers to verify their functionalities. On the other hand, software(More)
Reversible logic has applications in various research areas, including signal processing, cryptography and quantum computation. In this article, direct NCT-based synthesis of a given <i>k</i>-cycle in a cycle-based synthesis scenario is examined. To this end, a set of seven building blocks is proposed that reveals the potential of direct synthesis of a(More)