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The aim of this study was to improve the aerosolisation behaviour of disodium cromogycate (DSCG), using spray drying technique. The effect of vehicle on the drug particle properties was investigated.(More)
In this study four quaternized derivatives of chitosan: trimethyl chitosan (TMC), dimethylethyl chitosan (DMEC), diethylmethyl chitosan (DEMC) and triethyl chitosan (TEC) with degree of substitution(More)
TMC and DEMC, quaternized derivatives of chitosan, have been shown to have penetration enhancement properties and able to open the tight junctions of the intestinal epithelia at neutral and alkaline(More)
In this in vivo study, novel delivery systems based on superporous hydrogel (SPH) and SPH composite (SPHC) polymers were used to improve the intestinal absorption of insulin in healthy pigs. Six(More)