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A faunistic study on Entomobyridae (Collembola) in Kermanshah (Iran)
In this study, we have investigated Entomobyridae fauna in different regions of Kermanshah during 2012. Totally 10 species, 5 genera, 3 subfamilies were found. The specimens were extracted by BerleseExpand
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An introduction to Iranian Collembola (Hexapoda): an update to the species list
Abstract The Collembola fauna of Iran is little known and no comprehensive examination of this group of Hexapoda is available for this region. The only notable work on Collembola was carried out byExpand
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Endonura Cassagnau in Iran, with a key to species of the genus (Collembola, Neanuridae, Neanurinae)
Abstract Three new species of Endonura are described from Iran. Endonura dichaeta sp. n. can be recognized by an ogival labrum, head without chaetae O and E, chaeta D connected with tubercle Cl,Expand
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Preliminary Isotomidae fauna (Collembola: Entomobryomorpha) in Kermanshah areas, Western Iran.
The Isotomidae family is one of the largest and widely distributed of the entomobryomorpha order. In a taxonomical study made in Kermanshah province, total of six species were found, Two of thoseExpand
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Redescription of Protanura papillata Cassagnau & Delamare Deboutteville, 1955 (Collembola, Neanuridae, Neanurinae), with new records from Middle East, and with supplemented diagnosis and key to the
The poorly known Neanurini genus Protanura is rediagnosed and briefly compared with Lathriopyga. Protanura papillata Cassagnau & Delamare Deboutteville, 1955, known to date only from Lebanon, isExpand
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Taxonomy of the Proisotoma complex. V. Sexually dimorphic Ephemerotoma gen. nov. (Collembola: Isotomidae).
A new genus is proposed based on a new species from Iran, Ephemerotoma skarzynskii gen. et sp. nov., and three known species: E. huadongensis (Chen, 1985) comb. nov., E. multituberculata (Martynova,Expand
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The genus Folsomides Stach (Collembola, Isotomidae) in Kermanshah Province (W Iran) with the description of two new species.
The genus Folsomides Stach, 1922 is represented by four species in the Iranian fauna, two of which are new to the science. Folsomides halshinicus sp. nov. and Folsomides subvinosus sp. nov. are foundExpand
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New records of Poduromorpha for the Iranian springtail fauna (Collembola)
Kahrarian , M.: New records of Poduromorpha for the Iranian springtail fauna (Collembola). Abstract: In this study the fauna of Poduromorpha was investigated in west part of Iran (Kermanshah, HamadanExpand
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