Morteza Gholami

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In shoot cultures of Thymus daenensis, hyperhydricity syndrome promoted by benzyladenine (BA) is characterised by the development of chlorophyll-deficient shoots with a high water content and reduced growth that is less differentiated. By removing the BA from the culture medium, the hyperhydricity was reversed, and the reversion toward a normal growth in(More)
Fabrication and characterisation of gold nanoparticles (GNPs) through reducing agents and different capped agents are one of their most attractive applications in biomedicine. GNPs are coated using various agents such as carbohydrate, amino acids, peptides and proteins. These capped gold nanoparticles (C-GNPs) are applied for wide different applications(More)
L- and D-amino acids have diverse functions and effects on the metabolism, growth, and development of plants. Ornithine (Orn) plays a main role in the biosynthesis of many amino acids, nicotinic alkaloids, and polyamines in tobacco. This investigation describes the impact of Orn enantiomers on the production and distribution of free, conjugated, and bound(More)
Vancomycin crystalline degradation products (CDPs) have been introduced as one of the newest and most interesting derivatives of vancomycin for enantiomer separation of a wide variety of chiral compounds. In this attempt, a chiral stationary phase (CSP) has been prepared using diol silica gel based on vancomycin CDPs which led to a new chiral selector with(More)
Ornithine (Orn) plays an essential role in the metabolism of plant cells through incorporation in polyamines biosynthesis, the urea cycle and nitrogen metabolism. Herein, we show that Orn enantiomers have different effects on anti-oxidant enzymes activities, polyamines and proline biosynthesis and also an alleviation effect of osmotic stresses on tobacco(More)
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