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PURPOSE Phospholipid metabolites are of importance in cancer studies, and have been suggested as candidate metabolic biomarkers for response to targeted anticancer drugs. The purpose of this study was to develop a phosphorus ((31) P) high resolution magic angle spinning magnetic resonance spectroscopy protocol for quantification of phosphorylated(More)
PURPOSE Large lipid and water signals in MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) complicate brain metabolite quantification. In this study, we combined adiabatic hypergeometric dual-band (HGDB) lipid and water suppression with gradient offset independent adiabatic (GOIA) spin echo to improve three-dimensional (3D) MRSI of the entire brain. METHODS 3D MRSI was(More)
A new class of matrices is introduced for use in error control coding. This extends previous results on the class of Fibonacci error correcting codes. For a given integer p, a (p+1)×(p+1) binary matrix M p is given whose nonzero entries are located either on the superdiagonal or the last row of the matrix. The matrices M p n ${M^{n}_{p}}$ and M p − n(More)
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