Morteza Davari

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Uncertainty is an inevitable element in many practical production planning and scheduling environments. When a due date is predetermined for performing a set of jobs for a customer, production managers are often concerned with establishing a schedule with the highest possible confidence of meeting the due date. In this paper, we study the problem of(More)
A fundamental challenge associated with research or new product development projects is identifying that innovative activity that will deliver success. In such projects, it is typically the case that innovative breakthroughs can be achieved by any of several possible alternative technologies, some of which may fail due to the technological risks involved.(More)
We study a single-machine scheduling problem that is a generalization of a number of problems for which computational procedures have already been published. Each job has a processing time, a release date, a due date, a deadline and a weight representing the penalty per unit-time delay beyond the due date. The goal is to schedule all jobs such that the(More)
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