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By day to day developing the grid systems, it is necessary to apply new methods for allocating the resources to achieving the high performance in heterogeneous computing environment. This paper aims to seeking for a new approach by which one can allocate the tasks using a modified version of Ant Colony Optimization algorithm such that this algorithm cannot(More)
Grid environment is being a service oriented infrastructure in which many heterogeneous resources participate for providing the high performance computation. On of bug issue in the grid environment is the vagueness and uncertainty between advertised resources and requested resources. In this work we propose a solution for the vagueness and uncertainty(More)
Recommender systems collect various kinds of data to create their recommendations. Collaborative filtering is a common technique in this area. This technique gathers and analyzes information on users preferences, and then estimates what users will like based on their similarity to other users. However, most of current collaborative filtering approaches have(More)
Analysis and control of nonlinear dynamical models of Internet congestion control system has been an interested issue in recent years. In this paper the bifurcation behavior of the TCP-like model of Internet congestion control system including TCP and AQM is investigated. In particular, the effects of system parameters on nonlinear dynamical behavior and(More)
In this paper we introduce an efficient genetic algorithm based voice activity detection (GA-VAD) algorithm. The inputs for GA-VAD are zero-crossing difference and a new feature that is extracted from signal envelope parameter, called MULSE (multiplication of upper and lower signal envelope). The voice activity decision is obtained using a Threshold(More)
A mobile Ad-Hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes, dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of any existing network infrastructure or centralized Administration. Providing security support for mobile Ad-Hoc networks is hard to achieve due to the vulnerability of the links, the limited physical protection of the nodes, and also(More)
Base classifier's classification error and diversity are key factors in performance of ensemble methods. There is usually a trade-off between classification error and diversity in ensemble methods. Decreasing classification error of base classifiers usually makes them less diverse while increasing diversity, results in less accurate base classifiers. This(More)
Virtualization technologies are experiencing a renewed interest for diverse applications such as Cloud computing and server consolidation. These technologies reduce costs and improve flexibility and reliability of services. However, they pose a new performance challenge. An application performance running inside virtual machine may considerably differ from(More)