Morten Tollefsen

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The DAISY system is currently used as the alternative reading format for print-disabled students in Norway. DAISY is denoted by many as universally designed. This is an important claim, ensuring suited learning opportunities for all students. Thus, to be able to determine this aspect of DAISY is important – as is the case for many information systems.(More)
In this paper we describe the current state of the use of social media among visually impaired people in Norway. Here the term " visually impaired " or VI refers to both blind and partially sighted individuals. We present results from a telephone survey conducted with VI. The survey results are analysed in light of results from a resent qualitative study.(More)
The prevalence of HIV infection among pregnant women is low in Norway (4.5/100,000). HIV screening has been offered on a routine basis in antenatal care since 1987. 96% of all pregnant women are screened for HIV. After the introduction of the screening programme, effective treatment (zidovudin) has become available to pregnant women. This treatment reduces(More)