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In this paper, a model of the patterns of correlation in Wikipedia, reach and richness, lays the foundation for studying whether or not the free web-based encyclopedia Wikipedia is only for developed countries. Based upon data from 12 different Wikipedia language editions, we find that the central structural effect is on the level of human development in(More)
The motivation for e-marketplace participation for suppliers as well as buyers is closely linked to the perceived outcome of participation and not only in terms of the benefits of joining an emarketplace, but also in terms of possible consequences of not joining. Hence, the central issue is why organisations decide to buy and/or sell goods or services on(More)
M-commerce refers to monetary transactions conducted via a mobile telecommunications network using a communication, information, and payment (CIP) device such as a mobile phone or a palmtop unit. Success in mobile portal markets will depend on dynamic strategies that blend elements of personalization, permission, and specification of content. This paper(More)
This paper identifies three Web interaction types within international marketing with varying degrees of intensity in the interaction between Web site owner and customer. The learning process concerns the handling of the increase in the interaction intensity. The following priority of the interaction types is given by the Danish companies, 1) Brochure, 2)(More)
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