Morten Nobel-Jørgensen

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We introduce the Deformable Simplicial Complex method to topology optimization as a way to represent the interface explicitly yet being able to handle topology changes. Topology changes are handled by a series of mesh operations, which also ensures a well-formed mesh. The same mesh is therefore used for both finite element calculations and shape(More)
The Deformable Simplicial Complex (DSC) [1] is a Lagrangian method to track the interface of the geometry explicitly. The DSC method possesses the advantages of: 1) handling both topology and shape changes, 2) overcoming the numerical diffusion commonly seen in Level Set methods, and 3) ease of integrating with Finite Element Analysis due to the same mesh(More)
Pond of Illusion is a mixed reality installation where a virtual space (the pond) is injected between two real spaces. The users are in either of the real spaces, and they can see each other through windows in the virtual space as illustrated in Figure 1(left). The installation attracts people to a large display in either of the real spaces by allowing them(More)
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