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The enzymatic transfer of the sugar mannose from activated sugar donors is central to the synthesis of a wide range of biologically significant polysaccharides and glycoconjugates. In addition to their importance in cellular biology, mannosyltransferases also provide model systems with which to study catalytic mechanisms of glycosyl transfer.(More)
Sixty years after Gammon's analysis, key challenges in relation to ICT use in public administration still prevail. Statistical data analysed show that there is a linear relationship between Internet access and frequency of use. While the linear relationship between Internet use and the propensity to use private sector services such as online banking, this(More)
Denmark has been at the forefront of eGovernment development and implementation for the last ten years. ICT facilitated modernisation has been a focus area for increase efficiency and effectiveness since the mid-1980s with eGovernment national initiatives and strategies in place since 1999. Still the current state (May 2010) of public sector digitisation in(More)
Burden reduction is a key issue in modern public administrations' and businesses' agendas. Compliance with mandatory regulations can have a direct impact on a country's economic performance, growth, and development. Research in this area, contributes to a better understanding of the implications and context of administrative burden, and increases the(More)
  • M M Nielsen
  • 1991
Worksite cholesterol screening programs providing initial cholesterol screening, dietary consultation, and follow up evaluation are an excellent way to assist individuals to know their cholesterol. Two methods for implementation of cholesterol screening at the worksite include walk-in and appointment. These methods can be tailored to accommodate any(More)
This paper follows the research framework for context-specific public service delivery presented at ICEGOV 2016 [1]. The research has been conducted at the UNU-EGOV unit during the last year. The paper presents the research landscape for ICT enabled public service delivery scientific and policy literature. The findings are analyzed and presented in a(More)