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This review paper focuses on modelling of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). White-box modelling is widely applied in this field, with learning, design and process optimisation as the main applications. The introduction of the ASM model family by the IWA task group was of great importance, providing researchers and practitioners with a standardised set of(More)
Address standards have been developed and are still being developed by a number of countries (e.g. and the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. (OASIS)). More recently, these standards have tended to include geospatial components and to cater for other forms of service delivery and not just postal, such as goods delivery,(More)
—Distributed energy resources (DERs), like electric vehicles (EVs), can offer valuable services to power systems, such as enabling renewable energy to the electricity producer and providing ancillary services to the system operator. However, these new DERs may challenge the distribution grid due to insufficient capacity in peak hours. This paper aims to(More)
The paper provides an overview of Multilevel Flow Modeling (MFM) and its application for design of displays for supervisory control of industrial plant. The problem of designing the information content of supervisory displays is discussed and plant representations like MFM using levels of means-end and part-whole abstractions are proposed as a solution to(More)
The paper discuss the abstraction hierarchy proposed by Rasmussen(1986) for design of human machine interfaces for supervisory control. The abstraction hierarchy represent the domain of human work by multiple levels of means-end and part-whole abstractions. It is argued in the paper that the abstraction hierarchy suffer from both methodological and(More)
Denmark has already achieved a record of 20% penetration of wind power and now moving towards even higher targets with an increasing part of the electricity produced by distributed generators (DGs). In this paper we report work from a sub activity "subgrid design" of the EcoGrid.dk 1 project. First we review innovative control architectures in electric(More)
New challenges are arising in managing power systems as these systems become more complex due to the use of high levels of distributed generation, mainly based on renewable energy sources, and due to the competitive environment within the power sector. At the same time, the use of phasor measurement units (PMUs) provides more information and enables(More)