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NA topoisomerase (topo) II catalyses topological genomic changes essential for many DNA metabolic processes. It is also regarded as a structural component of the nuclear matrix in interphase and the mitotic chromosome scaffold. Mammals have two isoforms (␣ and ␤) with similar properties in vitro. Here, we investigated their properties in living and(More)
The budding and fission of vesicles during membrane trafficking requires many proteins, including those that coat the vesicles, adaptor proteins that recruit components of the coat, and small GTPases that initiate vesicle formation. In addition, vesicle formation in vitro is promoted by the hydrolysis of acyl-CoA lipid esters. The mechanisms by which these(More)
In wetland-adapted plants, such as rice, it is typically root apexes, sites of rapid entry for water/nutrients, where radial oxygen losses (ROLs) are highest. Nutrient/toxic metal uptake therefore largely occurs through oxidized zones and pH microgradients. However, the processes controlling the acquisition of trace elements in rice have been difficult to(More)
Most commercially available optical oxygen sensors target the measuring range of 300 to 2 μmol L-1. However these are not suitable for investigating the nanomolar range which is relevant for many important environmental situations. We therefore developed a miniaturized phase fluorimeter based measurement system called the LUMOS (Luminescence Measuring(More)
Radial O2 loss (ROL) strongly affect the O2 availability in the rhizosphere of rice. The ROL create an oxic zone around the roots, protecting the plant from toxic reduced chemical species and regulates the redox chemistry in the soil. This study investigates the spatio-temporal variability in O2 dynamics in the rice rhizosphere. Applying high-resolution(More)
Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) allows for the resection of large adenomas and early stage cancers in the rectum. The rate of complications and recurrence for malignant tumors compared with benign tumors has been questioned.The objective of our study was to analyze the outcome after TEM procedures for adenomas and cancers with focus on local(More)