Morten Kromberg

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The paper discusses the design of APL# (pronounced “APL Sharp”), a new dialect of APL designed with object oriented / language-agnostic virtual machine platforms in mind, using Microsoft.NET as the initial target. Microsoft.Net is a software platform which is based on Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime (CLR). Together with Sun’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM),(More)
While APL was a highly productive system for personal computing and application development when it was introduced, it is lacking nowadays in the areas of programming-in-the-large and user interface construction. The design and implementation of a new Application Development Platform (ADP) is described. The ADP frees the programmer from user interface(More)
At a recent Workshop organized by the APL Group in Denmark, the three of us were given the task of finding ways to improve APLs image in the DP community. This paper is the result of that work. We hereby present a strategy for reducing the clashes between US (APLers) and THEM (those dim-witted DP experts). The conclusion is that the rest of the world does(More)
This paper discusses key design decisions faced by a language design team while adding Object Oriented language features to Dyalog, a modern dialect of APL. Although classes and interfaces are first-class language elements in the new language, and arrays can both contain and be contained by objects, arrays <i>are</i> not objects. The use of object oriented(More)
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